Online Grocery focus group

Online Grocery focus group - Are healthy options important?...

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M’tyma McNeal Online Grocery-Delivery Focus Group: Parents grocery shop for them Write a list get the stuff they need and get out Grocery shopping is a chore “Self check-out is not more convenient” Don’t like spending money on food Depends on the day Some people like grocery shopping because they get to actually physically see the food Some grocery stores sample foods. That’s a plus. Grocery shopping on an as u need basis More options at the fresh grocer then rite-aid Stocking up on snacks Location issues for the grocery At school they walk Most of the group had meal plans “Meal plan is a waste of money” Smarter to grocery shop then using meal plan Budget has a lot to do with how students eat
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Unformatted text preview: Are healthy options important? Wherever the food is the cheapest Some people will spend more money to have healthier choices Bargain shopping is important Waiting for the food that you want could be annoying. Focus group wasnt convinced that online-grocery deliveries would improve their quality of life People shop online for books, concert tickets, clothes, but people much rather go to the store and see things Prefer benefits from online If the site is easier to use on line, they would more likely to use it The people who lived off campus do not have meal plans Genuardis is overpriced for college students Not in Philadelphia Brand loyalty...
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Online Grocery focus group - Are healthy options important?...

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