Quantitative Follow up - Quantitative Follow-up...

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Quantitative Follow-up Recommendation April 12, 2010 By: M’tyma McNeal, Steven Wildenberg, Meg Pugh, Laura Abernathy
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Background : Through secondary research we conducted in collaboration with our focus group findings, we discovered several trends. We conducted a focus group to find out if online grocery delivery services would be beneficent to college student. The trends that we discovered gave useful information for our campaign, but we want to make sure that we have sufficient information about the college students that we are advertising our product to. By using surveys we will be able to use specific numbers and percentages to display attitudes, behaviors and characteristics of our target market. Research Objectives : The purpose of our research was to find out how the online grocery delivery service could benefit a college students life. We also wanted to find why or why not a college student would use this type of service. We wanted to also see if people could trust the service, and if they
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Quantitative Follow up - Quantitative Follow-up...

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