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the future of your tv-1 - costs Used the “spectacular “...

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1.21.10 Future of your T.V: Television (Old and New) Tele: Greek word-far, distant Television: The good and bad *the television industry -diverts -entertains -informs 60’s civil rights 9/11 Hurricane Katrina The Iranian election -violence -sexuality -impact on kids -impact on disturbed -unimaginative Technical Development and Standards 1930’s cathode ray tube and NTSC VHF (black and white) 1950’s: UHF o Expanded stations and programming 1990’s-2009 o Analog to digital
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Mobile media and Laser tech Programming Development o In the golden age(50’s) Single sponsor programs like Colgate comedy hour Quiz shows and scandals (corporate sponsor digging) o Magazine formats (NBC Sylvester “Pat” Weaver) Increased length of average program Increased sponsor cost as a result and forced advertisers out by raising
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Unformatted text preview: costs Used the “spectacular “ Genre, forms and formats: categorizes a great deal of television forms factors o Drama o Soap opera o Children o Televised comedy o Documentary o Animation The business of TV o Deficit Financing Program become profitable only if they make it to rerun syndication o Network produced programming Reality TV Low quality, high profit o Syndication and reruns Evergreens like Seinfeld DMA and Rating Systems o Nielsen Ratings Systems Percentage of households turned to a sampled program o Share Percentage of homes turned to a program, compared with those actually using their sets at the time of sample *The first amendment for television Who might be affected by the first amendment in television?...
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