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M’tyma McNeal Youth Cultures October 19 th , 2010 Stuart Rhodan Midterm Questions: 1) Using one of the articles from the textbook Youth Subcultures (Greenberg), answer the following questions: 1) do subcultures affect the mainstream or vice versa? 2) Is there a difference between being a subculture and just being different? 3) What are some of the characteristics of a particular subculture which make it geared towards youth? 4) Do subcultures have to always be “resistant to mainstream” and geared towards a particular race, class or gender, or can they just be about having “fun?” 1. I believe that subcultures and main stream to affect each other. On pg. 40 of the “Youth Subcultures book” the author speaks about how music is the main representation for subcultures like the heavy metal group. Although the heavy metal subculture did exist before the music became popular; popular culture fed off the fact this was a lifestyle many people lived and this genre of music was formed. You can say that the heavy metal subculture was an “offspring” of the 1960’s youth culture. I don’t think there is a difference between being different and being a subculture. All subcultures are different even though many have similarities. The heavy metal subculture focuses a lot on masculinity and that’s what makes them different from a subculture such as the glam rock subculture. When kids are younger they learn that girls are supposed to be dainty and less
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youth cultures midterm - Mtyma McNeal Youth Cultures...

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