101 Outline Sources-Historiography F10

101 Outline Sources-Historiography F10 - Reliability of...

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Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern History Subject : Sources and Historiography Text pages : N/A URLs : Outline of material : Source material— Primary sources Secondary sources Tertiary sources “Problems” with primary sources: Is it authentic? Look for internal clues in writing—style, grammar, word usage, anachronisms Look for physical evidence—materials used, carbon dating Is it reliable? Bias of the writer—cultural (benign) or prejudicial (hateful) Imperfect “view” of the writer Attempt to deceive by the writer Secondary sources Authenticity usually not an issue Reliability—same questions as with primary sources Different interpretations of same evidence Tertiary sources—e.g. encyclopedias A word about Wikipedia Pros and cons—beware of controversial or “political” subjects Another word about the Internet generally
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Unformatted text preview: Reliability of source? Great place to start—not final word What is history? Pre-history Prior to written or oral records—rely on archeology Not just ancient history—medieval Europe, America at time of European arrival History Historiography Historiography—how interpretation of history changes New evidence—discoveries Archeological—e.g. Dead Sea Scrolls, Pompeii, Washington’s slave quarters Archival becoming available—e.g. Soviet Union New attitudes—e.g. civil rights movement Caution—presentism Terminology can also change Descriptive and attitudinal Middle east—Far East Eastern Europe—central Europe Word on dating—BC/AD vs. BCE/CE Other calendars as well Present day—Muslim (1431), Jewish (5770), Chinese (4708, 4709, or 4647) Past—e.g. Roman, Julian...
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101 Outline Sources-Historiography F10 - Reliability of...

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