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Adetokunboh *James Soyemi Develop. Psy. 2301, Section 002 Prof. Xie Each individual develop at similar rate and time period. But factors such as environment, social class, and parenting can alter the development of an individual. Personally the aspect of my development that shows significant changes is my physical development. Physical development pertains to growth of body and brain, changes in sensory capacities, motor skills and health. Being the oldest of three children, my parents didn’t give me the same nurture through my early childhood like they gave my siblings. My cognitive development demonstrated strong continuity, because I had to learn many things on my own through observation and touch. In my early childhood I had to read books on my own. The most influential factors in shaping my development are school, my neighborhood, church, and mass media. These factors fit into the microsystem and exosystem section of Bronfenbrenner’s theory diagram. School helped shaped my development by allowing me to
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