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Some Key Sociological Terms used in the book: Local Growth Coalition : An institutionalized alliance between the local corporate community and the local government, often supported by the local media. Community self esteem —how people within a community perceive their community (internal community self esteem) and how the community is perceived by outsiders (external community self esteem). C ommunity collective conscience —the shared values and beliefs of a community; what binds them together. The idea that sports will bring people together. Power: the ability to gain a desired outcome Three dimensions: (drawn from Steven Lukes’ Power: A Radical View) First dimensional power : observable battles that take place in public arenas (referendum; votes in a city council or state legislature). Second dimensional power : power exercised behind the scenes through “agenda setting,” lobbying, campaign contributions. There are actual exercises of power, but they are often hidden from public view. Third dimension power:
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basictermsFromDelaney&Eckstein - Delaney Eckstein...

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