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Melondy Moody Homework #12 The author of this article seemed to have a strong opinion about growth stunting medical treatment. Their basic opinion was that growth stunting medical treatment was both ethical and feasible for parents of children with severe disabilities. The author believes that this treatment would have great benefits for not only the parents of these children but for the child themselves. They see this treatment as having little negatives but great positives. In the opinion of the author each case that is presented for this medical procedure should be under careful review to safe- guard against abuse. They believe these abuses may come from parents to benefit themselves people who have views that disabled people should not procreate, or young girls who want to stunt their growth. They argue that as long as these situations are under control and under the dis- cretion of a committee, parents should be able to choose this option. My opinion is that parents should have this option as long as they are not abusing it. A
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