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Blog assignment 2(2) - Melondy Moody Mosaics Sec. 31 Letter...

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Melondy Moody Mosaics Sec. 31 Letter from Birmingham Jail Blog Topic #1 : In this film God on Trial the inmates of Auschwitz question the motives of God. Here we see many different relationship struggles. Some between family, some between friends, and most importantly the relationship struggle between God and his followers. Included is the power rela- tionship and social class struggle that the inmates must also deal with on top of their fading faith and hopes in God. In this film there are many different power relationships that can be seen. The ultimate power over the incarcerated lay with the guards of Auschwitz. They determine what happens to those who are incarcerated, who is killed and when. The power over the Nazis lies with Hitler. The Nazis are ultimately following Hitlers rules and plan to extinguish the Jews from Europe. It is interesting to see the exchange of power roles when examining the convicts power over the in- carcerated Jews. In a world where normally those Jews who were previously doctors and lawyers would be more highly revered than a convict, a situation such as Auschwitz shows us how easily that can change. In Auschwitz the convict was the guard over the Jews. Social class was set apart along with money and prominence. In this situation a man who would have normally been
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Blog assignment 2(2) - Melondy Moody Mosaics Sec. 31 Letter...

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