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Exam 2.Practice Questions - Concept Application Practice...

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Concept Application Practice Questions for Exam 2 NOTE : Below are some questions to help you study for the exam. However, there WILL be concepts covered on the exam that are NOT covered here. These questions will simply help you to review and apply some of the more important and/or complicated concepts . Answers are listed on page 3 of this document, but try them first without peeking! 1. When Alexandria is asked to say what her mother sees when she looks at a model of three mountains, Alexandria confuses what her mother is seeing with what she sees. What is the term for the cognitive limitation that causes Alexandria to confuse her perspective with her mother’s perspective? 2. Alexandria also makes comments like, “the doll jumped off the chair,” and “the jungle gym bit my leg.” These statements are an example of what cognitive limitation? 3. 5 year old Stephen is sitting in front of two short wide glasses of equal size with equal amounts of juice in them. Stephen’s teacher asks him whether they look equal and he says, “yes.” Stephen’s preschool teacher pours the juice from one of the glasses into a taller, skinnier glass and asks whether the two glasses have the same amount, or whether one has more than the other. Stephen says the tall, skinny glass has more juice because the juice looks taller. Stephen has not yet achieved what capacity? b)What cognitive limitation is implied by the last sentence in this scenario? 4. 4 year old Carrie can count to 10 all by herself without the help of her mother. However, she has a hard time counting to 15 without some hints from her mother. What is the term for the space between Carrie’s ability to count to 10 by herself and her ability to count to 15 only with the aid of her mother? 5. 3 year old Robert is talking to himself aloud as he is working on building a square structure out of blocks. What would Vygotsky call this activity? 6. An experimenter asks 7 year old Maria what she believes is inside a box with pictures of candy on the outside. Maria answers “candy.” The experimenter then shows Maria that there are actually pencils in the box. The experimenter then asks Maria what she thinks her friend, who
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Exam 2.Practice Questions - Concept Application Practice...

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