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extra credit 2(2) - Melondy Moody Sec 02 In chapter four of...

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Melondy Moody Sec. 02 In chapter four of our textbook we discussed sensation and perception. One particular section was about our sense of smell along with another section that spoke about our sense of taste. In these sections we learned about the different things that could affect each one. We learned in particular that with the five tastes the range of flavors that we experience is due to taste and its interaction with many different things one being smell. This article speaks true to this, the influence of smell loss on taste function. This study fo- cuses on 581 patients who undergo multiple taste tests and also have varying degrees of olfactory function. This article first begins by explaining how the influence of one damaged sensory sys- tem may affect another. It focuses on how blind people adapt with their other senses such as their sense of hearing and touch. It also speaks of how deaf people out perform non deaf individuals in visual tasks. It says that the taste system is also like the visual system in the manner that it com-
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