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Extra-credit Paper The purpose of the extra-credit paper is for you to apply the theory and research discussed in class and in the textbook to a specific area of interest. In general, the paper should contain four sections: 1. Introduce the topic: Here you should discuss what theories or previous research may apply to the issue that you are investigating. Explain how you expect the theory or previous research to apply to the issue. 2. A brief summary of what you did. This should include a description of the setting and the people you observed or interviewed. Include here such things as age, sex, ethnic background, social class. 3. A summary of what you found. The best way to do this will vary according to the activity, but it should SUMMARIZE, not just list each person's response separately. (For example, six out of eight of the boys I observed . ..) 4. A discussion of what you found. In this section I want you to discuss the meaning of the results. This should include the following parts a. How well your findings matched up with what the theory or the content covered in the book or class led you to expect? b. If there are differences, what might be responsible for these differences? 5. Conclude with a consideration of how the observed practices or the content may influence development. The paper should be 4-page long with double line space, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins. Extra pages won’t be penalized. The extra credit paper will worth 10 points and account for 5% of your final grade. Grading of the paper will be based on the following criteria: Areas Criteria Points Introduction of the topic or issue Clearly identified topic or issue 2 Description of what you did 2 Description of what you found
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Extra-credit paper.Guidelines.2010Fall - Extra-credit Paper...

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