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Melondy Moody Foundations of Stat. Sec. 005 1. A discrete variable is a variable that can have only certain values such as numbers with gaps, whereas a continuos variable is a variable that can take on any value within a possible range. One example of a discrete variable is counting a number of people because we know that it is not pos- sible to count say one and a half persons. An example of a continuos variable would be something such as a persons weight because it is something that is possibly not an even number such 130.8, for instance. 2. This is an non experimental study. The independent variable would be the amount of televi- sion that is watched by the children. The dependent variable would be the amount of aggression displayed by these particular children. 3. The dependent variable would be the time that each group can run. This is an experimental study. The population of interest in this study are high school football players. The sample in this study are the group of 100 high school players from the particular school district. 4.
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