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Sociology of Sports Prof. Kevin Delaney Spring 2010 Friday Night Lights Paper Assignment In the book, Friday Night Lights, , Buzz Bissinger suggests that the centrality of football at Permian High School and to the residents of Odessa, Texas negatively affects gender relations, the educational mission of the school, and race/ethnic relations. In the first part of your paper, discuss how the football program at Permian affects gender (the roles of males and females and how they interact with one another), educational quality, and race relations. Be specific about what role football plays in all this. Feel free to utilize ideas from class to support your argument (including the theories discussed in class and in chapter two of Coakley). Be sure to discuss both athletes and non-athletes at PHS. In the second part of your paper, discuss some of the notable differences between the
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Unformatted text preview: book and the movie version of Friday Night Lights . Why do you think things were changed? What do these changes suggest about the way mass media engages in “myth making” when it presents sports? (I would suggest that you not focus on very trivial differences, but on differences that significantly alter the major themes of the book). *************** Suggested page length: 5-6 typed pages (double space, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins is typical). Be sure to edit and proofread your paper before handing it in. Due date : Please submit a hard copy of the paper during class on Tuesday, February 23rd . Please do not send the paper via email. Do not hand in the paper late as it will incur the late penalty described on the syllabus (one half letter grade for each class period late)....
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