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1 1 1. Makeup quizzes immediately after last lecture – Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 11 AM in Room 151 BLS. 2. Makeup Lecture Exam immediately following Final Exam in Room 160 or a second location on May 5th. You must finish make-up exam by 10:15 AM on May 5 th . Makeup exam MC and Completion. 3. Please bring a valid excuse with you. 4. Don’t miss labs without a valid excuse. 2 3 " The WØRD." Attendiness Entering lecture or lab 20 – 30 minutes late. I am graduating at the end of this semester, and I am worried that my attendiness will cause me to fail the course.” 4 Human Biology, Science and Society Johnson Human Biology Textbook Chapter 1 Scientists trying to clone, resurrect extinct mammoth Stem cell research – August 2010 • U.S. scientists reacted with dismay to Monday's decision (Aug. 23) by a U.S. judge in Washington DC to halt any expansion of stem cell research using federal funds. • The temporary injunction , which basically blindsided the scientific community, effectively takes embryonic stem cell research back to the pre-2001 days. • President George W. Bush ordered that federal funds could only be used to fund research involving embryonic stem cell lines created before 2001 (21 cell lines). • Suit was filed by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. • The preliminary injunction does not prevent work from continuing. • But researchers cannot renew their grants. 6 Why learn human biology? • 1. MOST IMPORTANT COURSE OBJECTIVE – TO LEARN HOW TO THINK CRITICALLY. • 2. Learn how the human body functions. • 3. Legal considerations. DNA fingerprinting, forensics, DNA evidence in criminal and civil cases. • 4. Learn more about the world around you. • 5. Genetic counseling and human genetics. • 6. To develop, modify, and refine your ideas about life. • 7. Ethical considerations. Human cloning, animal cloning, xenotransplantation, therapeutic cloning, stem cell research.
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2 7 Concepts and Methods in Human Biology Four Major Themes in all types of Biology • 1. The Cell Theory • 2. Metabolism and Flow of Energy via ATP. • 3. Flow of Genetic Information • 4. Evolution – organisms evolve over time (will not cover this semester). 8 Eubacteria Archaebacteria Protistans Fungi Plants Animals Vertebrates Mammals Kingdom, Phylum, Order, Family, Class, Genus, Species Six Major Groups of Living Organisms True bacteria Halobacteria . Grow in up to 5M NaCl 9 Human Features • Great manual dexterity • Large brain for body size • Analytical and verbal skills • Elaborate social behavior • Complex culture (even before facebook existed) 10 The Characteristics of Life 1. Living things take in and use energy and use raw materials. 2. Living things have a different
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human bio slide 1 - 1 1 Makeup quizzes immediately after...

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