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James Soyemi Historical Significance of Race in America (Section 5): 3:00pm Prof. Stanford Reflection Paper 4 Throughout history many leaders are known are peaceful, while others are aggressive with their tactics. Robert F. Williams was known as an aggressive leader that promoted integration and black self-defense in the United States. Mr. Williams was a civil rights leader and was the president of Monroe, North Carolina NAACP chapter in the 1960s. Robert F. Williams was also well known for his book entitled Negroes with Guns . He wrote that book in 1962, Williams was also associated with the Black Panther party. Robert F. Williams entered the Civil Rights scene in the Kissing Case. In this case two African American males were arrested for kissing a white girl in 1958. Working with the NAACP chapter in Monroe, North Carolina and as a community activist, Williams became popular nationwide. Williams formed the Black Armed Guard to defend the black community from racist activity. They stood up against opposing forces such as the KKK, and other white
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James Soyemi.docx rf4 - James Soyemi Historical...

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