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Mosaic II.docx Assignment 2 - Mosaic II Second Assignment...

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Mosaic II: Second Assignment Prof. Douglas Greenfield James Soyemi Study Abroad: TUtopia Spring 2011 In America, we live in a society where almost everyone tries to achieve perfection and have different goals they want to accomplish. Although we are not a perfect nation, there is an island where everything is equal and perfect, this place is called Utopia. Utopia is an imaginary island with perfect political, social, and moral aspects. This ideal society was introduced and described by Sir Thomas More in his book Utopia in 1516. As a sophomore at Temple University I was intrigued by the news of a new campus abroad. The name of the new abroad campus is TUtopia, and it opens for the spring 2011 semester. TUtopia is located on the island of Utopia. I decided I will spend a semester at TUtopia, and live with a host family during my stay there. January 18 th 2011, I am expected to arrive at TUtopia today, before I left I said goodbye to my family and friends. The weather is very cold in Philadelphia as I board an 8 am flight at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). My destination is Leuven. From there I will take a boat to Utopia. I am very excited to study in this new campus abroad with perfect education and brand new technology. As I arrive I am welcomed by the Wilson family. I was surprised to see there were 12 people living in the same house including me. Unlike households in Philadelphia, there were
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slaves in the Wilson household. Matt Wilson, my host father explained to me that slavery is a
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Mosaic II.docx Assignment 2 - Mosaic II Second Assignment...

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