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Mosiacs at the Movies2 - Melondy Moody Mosaics at the...

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Melondy Moody Mosaics at the Movies The film that I saw was Homicide. It was a film about Detective Gold, a man that was taken off of a high profile case to work on the murder case of an elderly jewish woman. At first he was apprehensive about being on the case but eventually he becomes engulfed in the world of the secret Jewish society. Through his journey of the case he discovers his roots. He discovers what it means to be apart of the Jewish culture that he has never before embraced. I feel that this movie did not exactly relate to a particular text but it did relate to a theme that we spoke about in the class. This related most to the Power unit that we did in class. The power unit included the constitution, the Letter from Birmingham Jail , and the movie God on Trial. These three things were combined to give us a view of racial relations, from how all men should be created equal to how to create positive peace. There are three different examples that connect this unit to this particular movie. One would be the concept in the first section of this unit. We went over the line in the constitution that “all men are created equal”, I feel that in this movie the main character chal-
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Mosiacs at the Movies2 - Melondy Moody Mosaics at the...

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