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movie Critique paper

movie Critique paper - What was the basic theme of the...

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What was the basic theme of the movie? The basic theme of the movie is that our subconscious minds hold the deepest secrets, some that we may not be aware of. Our subconscious minds are also so complex that it could easily be mistaken as reality. The actor’s acting: were they believable, true to the production and the theme of the movie? What do you think made them believable or not? Why do you think you really liked watching them (or really didn’t like watching them)? Try to differentiate between talking about the actor’s choices and the character. Yes, Cobb was very true to the production of the movie. His whole personality was based off of his objective. He decided to do the last job in order to see his children again. His reason for not telling his team the magnitude and the danger of the last assignment was because he wanted to relieve himself of guilt for confusing his wife of what reality really is. As an actor Leonardo
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