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Temple University Section, National Council of Negro Women 2011 Nominee Application 1. Name: __Melondy Moody___ 2. Major: ____Psychology___ 3. Year: __Sophmore________ 4. What position(s) are you nominated for? _Historian, _Treasurer, and Financial Secretary ____ 5. Why are you interested in this position? I am interested in the position because I want to be deeply involved with the National Council of Negro Women. I feel that I will serve as a key member of the executive board and be a major at- tribution to our organization. 7. What are you characteristics that you posses that will allow you to successfully work in this
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Unformatted text preview: position? I believe that I embody the attributes for this position, those such as creativity and also an in-terest in the history of African American history and the history of National Council of Negro Women. I feel as though I also attribute the organization skills and knowledge to be the treasurer and financial secretary. 8. Are you a member in any other organizations at Temple University? If so please list them. I am not a member of any other organizations at Temple University....
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