Notes 1-28-10

Notes 1-28-10 - (Priorities of PHS reflected in the school...

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1/28/10 Soc. In Sports Notes - Asking Questions that are critical. - Sociology collects evidence. What distinguishes Sociology? Want to bring changes in structural situations. Different Form of Data Collection in Sociology: - Observations in different areas. - Surveys or Interview. - Ethnography Additional Bonuses in Sports will make the Athlete Perform on a more individual way, instead of a team. 2/4/10 Notes on Friday Night Lights -Being a football player at Permian HS is like being a king, you get a girl to attend to your needs. -Both girls and boys look up to the football players -“Book Bitch”—Not a pepettes, but offered to carry the football players book around. -Teachers and faculty does not do anything about the “book bitch” situation, they allow the notion that football players are the king of the school. -(Racist Attitude)- Whites will cheer for Black player if they are playing good. Coach believe the player is only as good as the last game they played. -(Girls Scoring low on SAT)- The School doesn’t care that much about the girls.
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Unformatted text preview: -(Priorities of PHS reflected in the school budget)-- The football coach get a new car, to use to recruit new players. The English teacher don’t get enough to buy books.-Rush prints of game type = $6,400, Charter Jets for HS games = More than $20,000-Scene of Pepettes giving a treat to the player, not explained in the Movie-the For Sale Sign in front on da Football player and coach’s house to force them out of town.-They change the main team of the book, to Sport bring people together (Movie), trope -(Name Plate) – Book-- he tossing the names of the players into a heap, while he is replacing it with the next group that is coming up.-(Movie)—it is like he is honoring each player personally, about their contributions to PHS. Myth Making in Sports Notes-We can tell story neatly through sporting activities.-REDEMPTION--- To Repair the repture b/w Fathers and Sons (Movies)-...
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Notes 1-28-10 - (Priorities of PHS reflected in the school...

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