Optional writing opportunity Sports Movie Assignment Spring 2010

Optional writing opportunity Sports Movie Assignment Spring 2010

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Optional writing opportunity —worth up to 2 points on your class participation/attendance grade Watch a sports movie and describe the major “myth” contained in the film. Remember, myths are story-telling devices that carry lessons—not a matter or truth or falsehood. Describe how that myth is shown either in ONE specific scene of the movie or through the entire message of the movie. DO NOT describe the plot of the film. Instead, simply write an analytic essay on how the myth is carried out in the movie. LIMIT: One typed page (double space, one inch margins) (this short length means you
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Unformatted text preview: should edit carefully and write economically!) MUST be handed in by Tuesday, Feb 16 th , 2010 NO LATE assignments accepted. (You may choose any movie that has sports as a significant element of the movie.) Recommended movies Bend it Like Beckham Mighty Ducks Hoosiers Miracle Remember the Titans Bad News Bears A League of their Own Rocky Invincible Rudy Field of Dreams The Natural Raging Bull Hoop Dreams (be aware that unlike the other films, this is a documentary, but I still think you can find some myth making in the film)....
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