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race ethnicity class and sports - Race Ethnicity Social...

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Race, Ethnicity, Social Class and Sports Sports often serve as a way to discuss race and class in America. Sports reflect both the best and the worst of our society in terms of race and class Because race has been such an enduring topic for American (and much of the rest of the world) it is probably no surprise that the issue of race has often been a part of the development of sports, and issues of race often become "entangled" in sports. For example, sports often get viewed through the lens of racial prejudices, stereotypes and racial ideology: * The problem of “Believing is Seeing”? When many people looked at the dominance or overrepresentation of African American athletes among professional basketball players, they immediately assumed that it must be a matter of race, or even race and biology. However, this view is based on some very fuzzy understandings of history, of biology, and of race as a social construct. Consider this: Skiers from Austria and Switzerland (together about half the size of Colorado) and with a population of 1/20 th of the population of the US have won many more skiing medals in the Olympics and World Cup skiing than the entire US and than most other countries combined. This happens year after year, yet people don’t seem to look for race-based genetic reason for Austrian/Swiss superiority as skiers— Instead we look to a series of cultural reasons rather than blather on about “skiing genes.” Yet, when we see African Americans dominate a particular sport, we quickly begin talking about genes for speed, genes for jumping, etc.
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race ethnicity class and sports - Race Ethnicity Social...

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