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resume2 - New Castle De 19720 Cashier Major Duties Cash...

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EXPERIENCE BARNES AND NOBLE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE- 2009-CURRENT Philadelphia, Pa 19122 Sales Associate Major Duties : Assist Customers, Cash Register, Web Orders, Book stocking, and General Merchandise work. YOUNG DIVAS LLC - 2009-CURRENT Mobile Spa Business Pedicurist, Special Events Chair Major Duties: Perform manicures and pedicures. Assist with special events such as birthday parties, spa parties, company open houses etc. MCDONALDS FAMILY RESTAURANT - 2008-2009
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Unformatted text preview: New Castle, De 19720 Cashier Major Duties: Cash Register, Food Preparation, Customer Assistance, Drive-Thru Operation EDUCATION Temple University- 2009- current ; Psychology William Penn High School- 2005-2009 ; Diploma SKILLS Computer Proficiency, moderate ability to read, write and speak spanish, customer service and special events training. 207 Shetland dr. New Castle, De 19720 910-728-8709 [email protected] Work URL Melondy Moody...
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