Signs of Attraction

Signs of Attraction - Chase 1 One day a group of males are...

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Chase 1 One day a group of males are hanging out socializing when all of a sudden, a female walks by. As this female walk by, the group of guys stops talking and turn their attention towards her. Or one day a group of female’s attention is taken by a particular male playing basketball with no shirt on. Not just one day, but everyday one sex attracts another. Sometimes it is the same sex. Before two people meet, a lot of things are done to catch the attention of that person, or anyone that notices. Minus spoken words, when two people meet or interact, many things occur to gain attraction or build it. A female, as well as a male’s mentality will change throughout this process. Some things may happen intentionally, other things may naturally happen because two people that are attracted to each other are in the presence of each other. With these things that happen, accounts for most of the reasons why two people interact, that is attracted to each other. Therefore, a combination of eye contact, unspoken thoughts, and body language can collectively influence the chances of two unfamiliar individuals to develop intimacy or an inseparable relationship. Nonverbal signs of attraction accounts for about eighty five percent of two people getting together. Any sign of attraction begins with the eyes. Eye contact is central in the expression of attraction and intimacy (Henley). They are also extremely high-powered transmitters of vital social signals (SIRC). We know from our own experience that we can communicate our attraction toward people by gazing at them (Kleinke). They are important in our evaluation of others, and prolonged contact between eyes is an invitation to, or indication of attraction and intimacy (Henley). For this to happen, eye contact is held for more than two seconds. If the time is right, at this point, something should be said by someone to the other. The chances of rejection are decreased, the longer the eye contact is held.
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Chase 2 The relationship between gaze and positive feeling has been studied in a variety of different ways (Kleinke). Studies began with the pupil of the eye. There is a significant increase in the size of the pupil when people are looking at a favorable or positive sight (Kleinke). There have also been studies of men’s pupils becoming larger when looking at pictures of nude females (Kleinke). Homosexual and heterosexual have been differentiated by showing that homosexuals have larger pupils when looking at pictures of men as well (Kleinke). Another effect that occurs is something called the galvanic skin response. The galvanic skin response is a measure of skin resistance and how much we are perspiring. The higher the galvanic skin response means that the skin becomes damp and its resistance is low (Kleinke). The galvanic skin response of men and women was found to be higher when they looked at someone who was gazing back at them than when they looked at someone who looked away (Kleinke). With high galvanic skin response
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Signs of Attraction - Chase 1 One day a group of males are...

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