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Similes in the Iliad

Similes in the Iliad - Names Similes in the Iliad Books 4-7...

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Names______________________ Similes in the Iliad, Books 4-7 Underline the complete simile in each of the passages below and comment on how it is appropriate to the action in that book or how it comments on the action or characters described in the passage. 1. Any he might see hanging back from the hateful conflict these in words of anger he would reproach very bitterly: ‘Argives, you arrow-fighters, have you no shame, you abuses? Why are you simply standing there bewildered, like young deer who after they are tired from running through a great meadow stand there still, and there is no heart of courage within them? Thus are you standing still bewildered and are not fighting. Or are you waiting for the Trojans to come close, where the strong-sterned ships have been hauled up along the strand of the grey sea, so you may know if Kronos’ son will hold his hand over you?’(4.242-249). _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2. Speaking so he stirred up Athene, who was eager before this, and she went in a flash of speed down the pinnacles of Olympos. As when the son of devious- devising Kronos casts down a star, portent to sailors to widespread armies of peoples glittering, and thickly the sparks of fire break from it, in such likeness Pallas Athene swept flashing earthward and plunged between the two hosts; and amazement seized the beholders, Trojans, breaks of horses, and strong-greaved Achiaians (4.72-80). _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3. “…but you could not have told on which side Tydeus’ son was fighting, whether he were on with the Trojans or with the Achaians,
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