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Temple University Sociology of Sports Prof. Kevin Delaney Sociology 2111, section 1 Anderson 1239 Spring 2010 Office Hrs: Tu, Th: 11:00-12:30 Tu, Th: 9:30-10:50 (and by appt.) Anderson L7 Tel: 204-5072 email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Robert DePhillips Office: Gladfelter 745 Office Phone: 204-2707 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tu: 1-2:30 And Friday 11:00-12:30 Course Description : This course analyzes sports as a socializing agent and as a set of cultural, social, economic and political institutions. The course will begin with a distinction between play, sports, and organized sports. We will then look at the role of sports in childhood and adolescence, with a particular emphasis on gender and sports. Next, we examine the role of sports in collegiate life and finally at the professional level. As a course in sociology, this class will examine the connections between sports and race, gender, social class, politics, and the economy. Course Goals: 1. Students will learn about the many ways in which sports influence our culture as well as are reflective of our culture. 2. Students will learn to analyze the sporting scene through a sociological lens. 3. Students will learn about some of the social science methodologies used in the study of sports and society. 4. Students will gain expertise in writing a persuasive, social science essay. COURSE REQUIREMENTS
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syllabus.S10 - Temple University Sociology of Sports...

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