A guide to writing Geography - A Guide To Writing...

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A Guide To Writing Geography/Earth Science Reports Approach Writing reports in Geography and Earth Science involves not simply the recording of facts but the use of a skilled technique of presentation. Points are awarded on style, approach and understanding as well as on the content of the report; the successful student is the one who can “think around” a topic. Facts alone does not produce a good report; they provide the foundation and framework upon which the answer hangs, and should not be seen as an end in themselves. Above all students must be careful to write reports that answer the question(s). Only information that is relevant should be used and it must be presented in a clear, precise and logical way. The content of any report must not be allowed to wander off at a tangent; any facts or discussions, which add nothing to the answer and are not specifically pertinent to be content matter should be left out, however interesting they may seem to the student. Remember, the person who reads and grades the report should be able to guess the wording of the question. If the reader cannot guess the question from the answer then it must be a poor answer. The wording of the Question is a guide to the kind of answer required by the instructor. The writer must read ever word of a question carefully and ask themselves, “What exactly is being asked and how can I best answer it?” Clear interpretation is the key to
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A guide to writing Geography - A Guide To Writing...

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