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Bell Thesis - THE “BELL CURVE THESIS” Josué Gerena...

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Unformatted text preview: THE “BELL CURVE THESIS” Josué Gerena Kelly Crossan Colia “Jacy” Lindsay Michelle Banks Michelle Leah Morris Leah What is the “Bell Curve Thesis”? The “Bell Curve Thesis” is the belief that intelligence is playing a greater and greater part in people’s social position. Perspectives Conflict Perspective These tests seem to be unfair to a student who does not necessarily do well in school. These tests merely just ask the students to remember what they have learned in school, but fail to ask questions on real life scenarios. This causes a problem because students are not being fairly tested. Students who have dropped out of school have a large disadvantage of doing well on the test. Sociological Imagination The article was about getting the reader to become more aware of this information and acknowledging it. The truth is, society puts too much emphasis on intelligence and it is becoming a widespread issue. People are being judged on their educational background and no longer by their skills or social status The sociological imagination helps us to step out of our everyday norms and come to realize truths within our society. Conflict Theory This theory deals with dysfunctions, conflict, and disagreements which seem to be a problem within society. Sociological Imagination ­Deals with society stepping out of their everyday norms and becoming aware of the issues surrounding them and actually acknowledging these issues. In other terms, “stepping out of the box” “ Bell Curve Thesis” The belief that intelligence is playing a greater and greater part in people’s social position. IQ Test ­This is a test made to measure a persons intelligence level by asking different questions and seeing how well the person does or does not know the information. Cognitive Elite The idea that our society over the years has become a place where intelligence is the main factor in everyday lives. How well have you been listening? Which Ivy League school did the article mention that has tremendously changed from an “average” school to one containing the brightest in the country? ANSWER: Name one of the two perspectives that we mentioned in our analysis. ANSWERS: Conflict Theory or Sociological Imagination! What was the name of the IQ test that the author’s feel as though failed to accurately measure students intelligence? ANSWER: AFQT Test! What is the belief that intelligence is playing a greater and greater part in people social position? ANSWER: “Bell Curve Thesis”! Name one of the changes Harvard had encountered from 1953 to 1960. ANSWERS: Public schools graduates outnumbered private school graduates. New England students had dropped by a third SAT scores at Harvard had skyrocketed Harvard changed from a “average” school to one of the brightest in the world. ...
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