Dominant American - Will Democracy Win Dominant American Ideology Strong Democracy – Nation founded on democracy – We fight to keep it –

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Unformatted text preview: Will Democracy Win ? Dominant American Ideology Strong Democracy – Nation founded on democracy – We fight to keep it – America is a very prosperous country Hong Kong Democracy Prosperous 6.7 million residents – 60% want democracy Comes under China China Communist Gov. has full control Distrust democracy Controls Hong Kong China vs Hong Kong China vs. Hong Kong China Hong Kong State directed capitalism Fairly good economy Leaders say: “one counrty, two systems allowing for more freedoms than China” ­ as long as people are wealthy they don’t care about democracy ­ people will choose stability & growth over democracy ­ democracy could lead to chaos (messy elections ect.) Democracy brought over by British Good economy Basic law provides for: Advises China on international business tactics China over Hong Kong China over Hong Kong Hong Kong’s autonomous region: ­ expected to vote to elect its chief executive as early as 2007 or 2008 ­ Half of its legislature is popular elected In April Beijing government reinterpreted the basic law saying that only China could initiate political change ­ Not voters of Hong Kong, But China government ­ By 2007­ 2008 no more direct elections China picked Hong Kong’s Chief executive Donald Tsang Hong Kong’s Reaction China is afraid They want control and don’t want to see democracy spread in China Fear what a full vote might do Beijing leaders are wrong, They say people in Hong Kong don’t think of Interdependence Think they only want to get rich 60% of Hong Kong want direct control over government The Present Beijing invited Hong Kong’s legislative council in for a tour Officials won’t talk about political issues on democratic minds First time pro­democracy lawmakers have been allowed into China in a decade No trust The Future China leaders not taking advantage of Hong Kong’s expertise could lead to trouble down the road… Kaitlyn Mulqueeney, Tunisha Willis, Adedunmomi Aderemi,Shahbaz Khan, Sarah Clark, ANN BOYCE, Brandon Torres, and Danielle White ...
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