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Unformatted text preview: TRIP TO A TRANSFER TRIP STATION STATION BY: AISLING HALL Trucks Come Loaded With Material Trucks bring either “C&D” or “MSW” material. “C&D” or Construction and Demolition materials consist of metal, wood, concrete, sheet rock, cardboard, etc. “MSW” or Municipal Solid waste is comprised of household/ commercial trash. Non­recyclable materials. Trucks Are Weighed On This Scale Truck Being Weighed The Truck Empties The Material To The Be Sorted Be This Front End Loader pushes the This C&D Material Into a Pile Where It Will Be Sorted. Will Workers hand sort the C&D Workers Material For Large Re-Usable Items Items These Wooden Pallets Are These Removed From The Trash Pile To Be Re-Used. Be C&D Material Before It Is C&D Processed Processed The Material Is Taken And Put The Onto A Conveyer Belt Onto Conveyer Belt The Material Is Taken Up A The Conveyer Belt To Be Hand Sorted. Conveyer Magnets Suck Out Metal Used For Magnets Scrap Recycling Scrap Workers Hand Sorting The C&D Workers Material Material Stone Waste Is Sent Down A Chute Stone Into This Bin From The Workers Into Mixed Papers, Cardboard, And Mixed Office Paper Are Separated and Bailed. A Percentage of it gets exported to Asia. exported The Remains Of The C&D Is The Sorted Through A Trommel And The Dirt Is Sent To A Landfill. The Wood Goes Into A Shredder That Wood Chips The Wood Into Raw Mulch. Chips The Mulch Is Taken To A The Processing Plant To Be Cleaned And Dyed. And The Mulch Is Then Used In The Landscaping Landscaping The Object Of The Transfer Station The Is To Recycle & Re-Use The Maximum Amount Of Material As Product. Product. ...
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