Impact of immigration on the United States

Impact of immigration on the United States - Impact of...

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Unformatted text preview: Impact of immigration on the United Impact of immigration on the United States • Background – Traditional immigrant receiving societies­USA, Australia, Canada – USA the largest recipient of immigration – 20th century USA immigration 1. Classic era­1901­1930 massive European immigrants to US 2.Long hiatus 1931­1970 limited movement­restriction by legislature­ quota law Continued Continued • regime 1971 to present large scale immigration most non European Reason for long hiatus ­Quota law­favoring only West and North Europeans ­Great Depression in 1930­1939 ­WW II ­Cold War­East Europe Economic Growth of West and Northern Europe resulted in increased demand of labor force for themselves Continued Continued • Post war boom in US economy created strong demand for immigration ­Latin Americans got this chance and started to migrate to US ­­ Created NEW ERA of non­European migration to US .1965 discriminatory legislature favoring West and North Europeans alone was abolished. ­Resulted in NEW IMMIGRATION REGIM and Removal of Ban on Asian immigrants • The increasing racial and ethnic diversity of the United States has resulted from Immigration • Without Immigration, the US fertility rate could be expected to drop rather than rise as in the Census Bureau projections. • Without Immigration, the US population would have a slightly older age structure. • Of the total growth between 2000 and 2050, 62.5% would be accounted for by post­2000 net immigration of 820,000 annually. • Immigration is far and away the chief contributor to population growth in the US. • Most immigrants comes to the United States • • with a commitment to the American values of liberty, democracy and equal opportunity. Immigrants have enriched American Culture and enhanced our influence in the world. Immigration gives the United States an economic edge in the world economy. • Contrary to popular myth, immigrants do not • • • push Americans out of jobs Immigrants are not a drain on government finances. Immigrants cannot be blamed for September 11 attack. The 19 terrorists who attacked the United states on September 11 did not apply to the INS to immigrate or to become US citizens. WTC 9/11/01 WTC 9/11/01 • THANK YOU !!! ...
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