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Unformatted text preview: Racial Profiling and it’s realness realness A new term but an old concept What is racial profiling What Stopping, harassing, and mistreating Stopping, someone only because eof the color of their his or her skin and having a suspicion that the person is engaged in some form of criminal behavior. of Who is racial profiling usually targeted toward? targeted Young black American men and women and any minority group Some examples of racial profiling profiling Police taxi divers store clerks restaurants anywhere Where does it stem from? Where Prejudices cultural diffusions stereotypes cultural transmissions If you are racially profiled by a cop what should you do? what First thing First Know your rights Second Second Don’t argue Third Third Get names and badge badge numbers Fourth Fourth File a complaint. references references 1. David A. Harris (2002). Profiles in Injustice: 1. David Why racial profiling cannot work The New York Press 2. Kenneth Meeks (2000). Driving While Black: 2. Kenneth What to do if you are a victim of racial profiling. Special Markets department New York, NY 3. Vincent N. Parrillo (2003) Strangers to These Shores: Race and Ethnic relations in the United States/Edition; 7th ed Pearson Education, Inc 4. Google.com http://www.amnestyusa.ord/dicrimination/racial_profiling/fvevacts.ht ml 5. Google.com http://www.public.iastate.edu/~scade/Paper%206.htm ...
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