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SAT_Quiz_Readings_Valdez_History_F09 - damaged the...

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Quiz Name:  Date:  Section: Living Planet Report 2008 1)______ Living Planet Index 2)______ Ecological Footprint A. The extent and type of human demand on  ecosystems B. A measure of the state of the planet’s ecosystems C. A measure of global water demand 3)Is the United States’ ecological footprint >  or  <  or = its  biocapacity? 4)Is this sustainable on a long-term basis? Yes or No Quiz 2 Readings F09
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Sierra Club Chronicles 5)  List one specific indication that the Exxon Valdez oil spill 
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Unformatted text preview: damaged the ecosystem. History of Environmentalism reading Match each author to his/her work: Silent Spring, Sand County Almanac, Walden 6)Henry David Thoreau 7)Aldo Leopold 8)Rachel Carson 9) Which is most closely associated with moral or spiritual values? Choices: Pragmatic conservation OR Aesthetic conservation Quiz 2 Readings F09 10) Give an example of a “product” that would fulfill the second component of the Service Learning requirement. Quiz 2 Readings F09...
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SAT_Quiz_Readings_Valdez_History_F09 - damaged the...

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