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Unformatted text preview: Group Members Salah Abushariefeh Karfar Siryon Malcom Towns Franchesca Ramasco Albania Ferrer David Gibbs Simon Liang Education and Inequality What was our initial reaction? MIXES Very informative and some were confused Confusion based our ideology that education is the key to inequality What produce our reaction Non­material Culture shock Ethnocentrism What other elements of culture we were to identify Norms values What type of sociological perspective Conflict Functionalist Interactions Sociological Imagination What features of many cultural worlds change From the specific cultural language we identify with Present, past and future What was the authors task in writing the article Collect data Producing information Example the social background in relation to IQ test We identify with characteristic of non­ material culture IDEAS BELIEFS MYTHS Authors help us to understand Social control Cultural relativism ...
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