The Native-Americans - These are certainly a proud people...

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Assimilating Ethnic Groups Race and Ethnic Relations by Joe R. Feagin and Clairece B. Feagin, Fifth Edition, Prentice Hall, 1996. [PowerPoint Presentation developed by Ron L. Shamwell, Social Sciences, Community College of Philadelphia, 1999]. Native Americans The estimated native population of North America in the 1500’s was between 900,000 and 1,150,000 person, however, this estimate has since been revised upward sharply. Kirkpatrick Sale put the number in North America at 15 million at the time of the conquest, with tens of millions in central and South America as well. By 1890 European diseases and firepower had sharply reduced the number of Native Americans in north America to approximately 250,000. The 1990 census counted more than 1.9 million people who listed their backgrounds as “American Indian”. Today most of the 500 Native American groups have fewer than 10,000. These are certainly a proud people!
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Between 1970 and 1990 the number of Americans claiming native American ancestry more than doubled. [The article: “ The Transformation of Native American Indians ” discusses this very subject]. Joan Nagel suggest that the population reported in the 1990 census is the result of identity “switching”. The Term Indian and most names of major Native American groups are terms of convenience applied by European American settlers. Most Native American societies encountered by European colonizers in the Western Hemisphere were often more highly developed than European cultures. Native American groups ranged from very small nomadic hunting and gathering bands to complex, hierarchically organized societies with large territories. Culture Borrowing Significantly, the European invaders borrowed heavily from Native American agriculture and pharmacology. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson both admired and learned from
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The Native-Americans - These are certainly a proud people...

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