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Unformatted text preview: Solutions to Workbook Exercises Unit 14: Singular and Quantified Propositions Logic Self-Taught: Solutions to Workbook Exercises , version 2007-1 S14-1 © Katarzyna Paprzycka [email protected] Exercise “Simple Singular Propositions” Symbolize the following opinions about U.S. politicians using the symbolization key provided: U.D.: U.S. politicians b : Bill Clinton c : Condoleeza Rice g : George W. Bush h : Hillary Clinton Ax : x is ambitious Ix : x is intelligent Px : x is pretentious Wx : x is warm (a) Bill Clinton is a warm man. Wb (b) Hillary Clinton is also very warm. Wh (c) Condoleeza Rice is ambitious. Ac (d) George W. Bush is also very ambitious. Ag (e) George W. Bush, however, is primarily intelligent. Ig (f) Bill Clinton is ambitious. Ab (g) Hillary Clinton is likewise ambitious. Ah (h) Bill Clinton is a pretentious person. Pb (i) Hillary Clinton is the quintessence of pretentiousness. Ph (j) Condoleeza Rice is intelligent. Ic (k) Condoleeza Rice is warm. Wc (l) George W. Bush is warm too. Wg Logic Self-Taught – Solutions to Unit 14. Singular and Quantified Propositions S14-2 Exercise "Simple Quantified Propositions - 1" Symbolize the following propositions: U.D.: people Bx : x is beautiful Gx : x is good Ix : x is intelligent Lx : x is a liar Vx : x is evil Ux : x is ugly (a) Everyone is beautiful. ∀ x Bx (b) Everyone is intelligent. ∀ x Ix (c) Somebody is intelligent. ∃ x Ix (d) There are intelligent people....
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hXJVke-Logic14PredicateLogic_Solutions - Solutions to...

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