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eosc- quiz 2 - Quiz #2- Person 1 1. What crystal system...

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Quiz #2- Person 1 1. What crystal system does diamond belong to? Isometric 2. The round brilliant cut was designed to… Return as much possible light back through the table 3. Diamonds are capable of being carried to the surface of the earth by kimberlite and lamproite magmas because… Magma ascends to the surface very quickly 4. All kimberlite do not contain diamonds. 5. Which of the following parts of a cut diamond is not always present on a modern cut diamond? Culet 6. The classic shape of a kimberlite pipe is similar to a… Carrot 7. An IF D diamond is more valuable than a S1 D stone if they have the same carat weight. 8. The P-T stability field for diamond is sometimes called… The Diamond Window 9. What gem does the term “gota de aceite” refer to? Emerald (“butterfly wing effect”) 10. Which of the following provinces/territories does not have emerald occrences? Nunavut; Places w/ occurrences: Yukon, NWT, Ontario, BC 11. A 15 carat unheated aquamarine from Brazil would be… A good size 12. The following gems can be produced synthetically… Ruby, emerald, diamond 13. An example of a mineral that is cyclosilicate… Beryl; has ring structure of SiO4 tetrahedra 14. Emeralds occur in… Pegmatite; metamorphosed schist; alluvial deposits
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15. The “Black Prince’s Ruby” is actually…
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eosc- quiz 2 - Quiz #2- Person 1 1. What crystal system...

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