STAT213 MIDTERM - Winter 2008 STAT 203 Midterm #1 Wednesday...

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Unformatted text preview: Winter 2008 STAT 203 Midterm #1 Wednesday February 13, 2008 Instructor: Eugenia Yu Last name: First Name: (print) (print) Student Number: Signature: Tutorial Section (circle the one that you are attending ): T2A (Wed 9am) T2B (Fri 1pm) T2C (Fri 2pm) Read the following instructions carefully: 1. Do NOT open this booklet until you are told to do so. 2. When you are told to open your test booklet, make sure that you have a total of 9 pages (including the formula sheet) and 8 questions. The normal table is given separately. 3. This examination is 50 minutes. 4. Marks for each question are in square brackets at the end of each part. Total mark = 30. 5. This is a closed book examination, but non-graphical/programmable calculators are allowed. 6. Cellular phones, pagers and other electronic devices are prohibited. 7. Do all your work in this test booklet. Do not use any other paper. Write on the back of the sheet if necessary. 8. Show all your work unless otherwise stated. 1 1. A proficiency examination was given to 100 students. The breakdown of the exam results among male and female students is shown in the following contingency table (some figures are missing): Male Female Total Pass 60 Fail 40 Total 55 45 100 It is given that one-third of female students failed the exam. a) Find all the missing values. Write your answers in the table above. (You may do your calculations here.) [2 marks] b) Write down the conditional distribution of gender for students who failed the exam. [2 marks] c) Which of the following statements is correct about the two variables: gender and exam result (pass or fail)? Check only one. [1 mark] They are independent because there are equal number of passes among male and female students....
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STAT213 MIDTERM - Winter 2008 STAT 203 Midterm #1 Wednesday...

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