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outline - April 1 Quality assurance accelerated and...

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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring Semester, 2008 Instructor: Paulo J.M. Monteiro CE 165 CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Tu., Th. 8:00-9:30 am Room 502 Davis Hall Date Lecture Topic Jan. 22 Introduction; course organization 24 Concrete as a construction material 29 Examples of recent construction projects I. Selection of Materials Jan. 31 Different types of hydraulic cements 5 Different types of aggregates Feb. 7 Air entraining and water-reducing admixtures 12 Chemical admixtures 14 Mineral admixtures 19 Formwork 21 Reinforcing steel II. Concrete Processing Feb. 26 Ready-mixed concrete, batching and mixing 28 Transport and placement methods 4 Consolidation techniques Mar. 6 Finishing 11 Curing 13 Early age properties 18 Hot-weather and cold-weather concreting 20 First Midterm Examination
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Unformatted text preview: April 1 Quality assurance; accelerated and non-destructive testing ) 3 Non-destructive testing III. Special Construction Methods April 8 Mass concrete construction 10 Roller-compacting 15 Tremie concreting 17 Shrinkage-compensating concrete floors 22 Repair and rehabilitation 24 Shotcreting (group report due) 29 Group Presentation 1 Group Presentation May 6 Group Presentation 8 Group Presentation Useful Information: Course Grade: 10% Homework, 25% MT, 20% Project, 5% Presentation, 40% Final Textbook: Concrete: Structure, Properties and Materials by Mehta and Monteiro, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill , 2006. Office hours : Monday 10-11 am, Tu Th 1-2 pm at 725 Davis Hall. Final Exam : 16: WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 8-11A CE 165 web site : http://www.ce.berkeley.edu/~paulmont/CE165.htm Email address: [email protected]
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outline - April 1 Quality assurance accelerated and...

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