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Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - CE93-Engineering Data Analysis Mark Hansen...

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CE93-Engineering Data Analysis Mark Hansen, Fall 2009 Assignment 2 Due 9/15/2009 9:10 AM Using MATLAB, compute the following statistical quantities for the samples of data for g and G ± ² described in Assignment 1: 1. Sample median and mean values. Observe and comment if these fall in the central regions of the corresponding normalized frequency diagrams you obtained in Assignment 1. 2. Mean absolute deviation, ³ , and the sample standard deviation, ´ , for each variable. Also determine the corresponding sample COVs, µ . Which variable exhibits more dispersion in a relative sense? Explain your reasoning. 3. Create a vector includes the first 10 observations of vector G ± ² . Give this vector a name (i.e., f10 ) i) Draw a histogram for f10 . ii) From this histogram, around what value do you expect the mean to be? And the median? iii) Use MATLAB to compute the actual values for the mean and the median. iv)
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