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CE93-Engineering Data Analysis Mark Hansen, Fall 2009 Assignment 6 Due 10/13/2009 9:10 AM 1. The duration (in hours) of two repair activities A and B on the Bay Bridge are denoted as T A and T B . T A and T B are statistically independent. Their probability mass functions (PMFs) are given as follows: Activity A Activity B Hours (t) p(T A =t) Hours (t) p(T A =t) 6 0.2 7 0.3 7 0.5 8 0.4 8 0.3 9 0.3 Activity B begins as soon as Activity A has been completed. Plot the PMF of the total duration T required to complete both activities. 2. Storm runoff g (in cubic feet per second, ft 3 /s) from a small condo complex can be represented as a random variable with the following probability density function: G ± ²³´ = µ ¶ ∗ ·³ −
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Unformatted text preview: 50 0 50 a. Determine the constant and draw the PDF. b. The runoff is carried by a pipe with a capacity of 30 ft 3 /s. Overflow will occur when the runoff exceeds the pipe capacity. If overflow occurs after a storm, what is the probability that the runoff in this storm is less than 40 ft 3 /s? c. An engineer considers replacing the current pipe by a larger pipe having a capacity of 40 ft 3 /s. Suppose there is a 70% probability that the replacement would be completed prior to the next storm. What is the probability of overflow in the next storm? 3. Problem 4.4 in Ross. 4. Problem 4.44 in Ross. 5. Problem 4.25 in Ross....
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