MT2006Ans - Saturday October 28th 2006 ChE102 Mid-Term...

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ChE102 Mid-Term Examination Saturday, October 28 th 2006 Question 1. Things have been financially difficult for you over the fall term and you are faced with cashing the inheritance left to you by your grandfather – a California gold nugget weighing 12.3 grains. You decide you will convert the gold nugget to Tim Horton Timbits® and at least you won’t starve. You do a Google search and find that melted down raw gold from nuggets is currently bringing $710 USD/troy ounce; the exchange rate on the USD is 1 USD = 1.1263 CA; and that you can get 40 Timbits® for $4.49 CA. You also find out from that 31.1 grams = 1 troy ounce and that 1 gram = 15.43 grains. How many Timbits® can you get by cashing in your inheritance? A) 4 B) 162 C) 182 D) 2817 E) 5768 Question 2. Dioxin is a compound that is known to cause cancer in certain laboratory animals. 4.55 × 10 22 molecules of this compound have a mass of 24.3 g. Analysis of a sample of dioxin indicates that the sample contains 0.456 mol of carbon, 0.152 mol of hydrogen, 0.152 mol of chlorine, and 0.076 mol of oxygen. What is the molecular formula of dioxin? A) C 6 H 2 Cl 2 O 2 B) C 18 H 6 Cl 6 O 3 C) C 12 H 4 Cl 4 O 2 D) C 6 H 4 Cl 2 O E) C 3 HClO Question 3. Aluminium reacts with NaOH according to the following unbalanced reaction. If 76.0 g of Al react with 116.6 g of NaOH in the presence of 50.0 g of H 2 O, identify the limiting reactant and predict the volume of H 2 produced (in litres) if the reaction takes place at 732 mm Hg and 13 °C. Al + NaOH + H 2 O → NaAl(OH) 4 + H 2 A) 68.6 B) 35.5 C) 33.8 D) 9.2 E) 3.1 Question 4. Bornite (Cu 3 FeS 3 ) is an ore used in the production of copper metal. When heated the following
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MT2006Ans - Saturday October 28th 2006 ChE102 Mid-Term...

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