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9 / 3 0 / 2 0 0 8 P a g e | 2: EUROPE IS GETTING WARMER FASTER, REPORT SAYS This article states that Europe has warmed more due to climate change than the global average. The main thing this report mentions is the need to evaluate how to manage the irrigation systems and whether the rivers will be capable of helping keep nuclear power plants cool in the future. Experts say that cap-and-trade (a government sets limits or “caps” on the amount of environmental pollution permitted in a given area and then allows people or businesses to trade credits in order to meet the cap) systems will be insufficient to meet the task of delivering cleaner energy to the human population. These experts say that what is needed is an incentive on invention and usage of green technology using huge government subsidies. This article finally mentions a few problems with the cap-and-trade system that is proposed. It is unsure that if implemented the world’s biggest polluters, the US and China, will adopt this proposition. Additionally, the price of carbon may drop significantly because of this and people might then return to burning fossil fuels again. This article relates to our study of sustainability. It is a critical time in the history of the
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2 - Keep Up - 9/30/2008 Page | 2: EUROPE IS GETTING WARMER...

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