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| P a g e 9 / 2 6 / 2 0 0 8 Green's the thing at sustainable building show By Matt Nauman Mercury News Article Launched: 09/26/2008 06:21:35 PM PDT Terry Alsberg didn't start out to make a green-building product. But there he was Friday at West Coast Green, telling potential customers about Warmboard, a sub-floor product that uses hot water in thin aluminum tubes to heat a house. His company, based in Aptos, was one of 380 exhibitors at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center for the three- day conference that ends today with a Civic Auditorium speech by Al Gore, the former vice president turned green guru. "It's clear green building is on the rise," Alsberg said. "It's a hot thing." Alsberg founded Warmboard more than a decade ago as a way to heat his house without having TO use forced-air heating that irritated his children's asthma. More than 20 million square feet of it has been installed, he said, from apparel designer Marc Ecko's 30,000-square-foot New Jersey mansion to affordable homes in Klamath Falls, Ore. Little did he know he was on the leading edge of today's hottest building trend. In the United States, buildings use 70 percent of all electricity, and produce 39 percent of carbon dioxide emissions
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2 - Look Up - | Page 9/26/2008 Green's the thing at...

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