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| P a g e 1 0 / 1 3 / 2 0 0 8 Cost of Deforestation is Vastly Greater than that of the Current Financial Crisis Published October 11, 2008 While your 401K smolders in ruins, take a gander at this BBC article and it might give you some perspective. Unfortunately, it's not immediately an optimistic perspective: We are actually losing more money through deforestation than through the current financial meltdown . The reasoning behind this is clear when we start calculating the often overlooked value of Natural Capital - resources provided by our environment including minerals, water, air, sunlight, heat, plants, animals, and other organic matter. Looking at the costs of deforestation and other forms of resource depletion from a purely economic perspective may seem perverse to many environmentalists, but it may be the only way that these issues are ever going to get real attention from government, big business, and society at large. The study cited by the BBC comes from a Deutsche bank economist who states: ... whereas Wall Street by various calculations has to date lost, within the financial sector, $1-
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5 - Look Up - | Page Cost of Deforestation is Vastly...

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