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13 - Keep Up - 26 | P a g e 12/15/2008 HOW TO TAKE CONT RO...

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26 | P a g e 1 2 / 1 5 / 2 0 0 8 H O W T O T A K E C O N T R O L O F Y O U R E N E R G Y U S E, O N E M I N U T E A T A T I M E With the recent announcement of Obama's green team things are looking encouraging for massive change happening in terms of how our government interacts with and takes action on the pressing environmental issues. You might be wondering, how can I too make a difference? Or more immediately, how can I save money in these turbulent economic times? The answer is all around you: Your computer you're reading this on, the light above you, and out in the kitchen, the refrigerator, your oven, and a host of other things. Each using electricity, many whether you have them switched on or not . But how can you tell how much? How can you tell how much difference switching one thing out for another has? What keeping your lights off when you're not in the room does? Typically, it's been mostly a hindsight sort of thing, looking at your energy bill. And even then, you have no way of telling what's happening on an individual appliance basis. Greenbox
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13 - Keep Up - 26 | P a g e 12/15/2008 HOW TO TAKE CONT RO...

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