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Unformatted text preview: 29 | P a g e 1 / 1 2 / 2 0 0 9 W I L L A M I L E A G E T A X R E P L A C E T H E G A S T A X? Toward the end of my article today about states looking at raising their gas taxes, I mention the million-dollar question for the future: How will states generate money to patch up highways when the gas tax is gone that is, when cars become so fuel-efficient that they no longer run on gasoline? One increasingly discussed alternative is a tax on vehicle miles traveled (V.M.T.), which is essentially a mileage tax on cars and t rucks. The concept was piloted in Portland, Ore., between 2006 and 2007, and a number of states, from North Carolina to Georgia, are also considering the concept. The system worked by means of an onboard mileage-counter, which then notified participating gas stations in Portland how far the vehicle had gone. While the owner filled up, the gas tax was deducted from the gas bill, and the mileage tax was added. (If the mileage tax is set at 1.2 cents a mile, the pilot found, the average driver would pay about the same amount for the mileage tax as for Oregons 24 cents-a-gallon gas tax.) When I spoke about the mileage tax this week with James Whitty, the Oregon Department...
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15 - Keep Up - 29 | P a g e 1 / 1 2 / 2 0 0 9 W I L L A M I...

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