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Descriptive Statistics for All Customers Descriptive Statistics for Regular Customers Descriptive Statistics for Promotional Customers NetSales NetSales NetSales All customers are shown as married in table 3.12 Mean 81.39666667 Mean 38.14285714 Mean 119.2438 Standard Error 20.84686478 Standard Erro 4.432985511 Standard Error 34.3 Median 47.6 Median 39.5 Median 89.2 Mode 39.5 Mode 39.5 Mode #N/A Standard Devia 80.73956011 Standard Dev 11.72857723 Standard Devia 97.01506 Sample Varianc 6518.876567 Sample Varia 137.5595238 Sample Varianc 9411.922 Kurtosis 3.262180464 Kurtosis -0.806608751 Kurtosis -0.11552 Skewness 2.028865429 Skewness -0.455492991 Skewness 1.193043 Range 265.09 Range 31.5 Range 259.15 Minimum 22.5 Minimum 22.5 Minimum 28.44 Maximum 287.59 Maximum 54 Maximum 287.59 Sum 1220.95 Sum 267 Sum 953.95 Count 15 Count 7 Count 8 OPMT 5510 Assignment 1 – Case Problem, Pelican Stores on pages 72-73 and 138-139. Christian Youngston 1. Given the sample of customers provided, the statistics that appear most
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Unformatted text preview: relevant are the frequency percentages for Method of Payment (70% for Proprietary Card purchases), Gender (90% Female), and Age (60% between 30 39). This would help the company is assessing what groups should be targeted and how to get the biggest bang for their buck. 2. Overwhelmingly, the frequency of payment was lopsided toward Proprietary Card (70% versus 10% for Discover and 20% for MasterCard) 3. Based on the analysis performed, the Promotional customers purchased more items and accounted for higher Net Sales than the Regular customers. 4. There does not appear to be a strong correlation between Age and Net Sales. 5. The descriptive statistics can be found below: 6. The correlation coeffecient (.1522) indicates a weak relationship between age and net sales....
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