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CHAPTER 13—MULTIPLE REGRESSION MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. In multiple regression analysis, a. there can be any number of dependent variables but only one independent variable b. there must be only one independent variable c. the coefficient of determination must be larger than 1 d. there can be several independent variables, but only one dependent variable ANS: D 2. A variable that takes on the values of 0 or 1 and is used to incorporate the effect of qualitative variables in a regression model is called a. an interaction b. a constant variable c. a dummy variable d. None of these alternatives is correct. ANS: C 3. In multiple regression analysis, the correlation among the independent variables is termed a. homoscedasticity b. linearity c. multicollinearity d. adjusted coefficient of determination ANS: C 4. In a regression model involving more than one independent variable, which of the following tests must be used in order to determine if the regression model is significant? a. t test b. F test c. Either a t test or a chi-square test can be used. d. chi-square test ANS: B 5. An estimated regression equation has the form: . As x 1 increases by 1 unit (holding x 2 constant), y is expected to a. increase by 9 units b. decrease by 9 units c. increase by 2 units d. decrease by 2 units ANS: C
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Exhibit 13-1 In a regression model involving 30 observations, the following estimated regression equation was obtained: . For this model, SSR = 700 and SSE = 100.
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